Monday, January 10, 2011

The Deal

So what is the purpose of this blog?
To write. ( Very original. It took me years to be this original)

What is the big deal?
I have no discipline.

What is the goal?
Become a writer. A writer needs discipline. Discipline which as I say, I lack profoundly. So this is my true bet with myself. Writing every day and on that day. And yes, that means I can't write nothing for ten days and then write ten posts to catch up. That will be cheating and would go against my purpose.

How will I do it?
I will set a routine. Oh god.  The simple notion of it gives me the shivers.
365 posts.
I must be mad or sadistic. Because let's be honest here, I know there might be times where I will be away from a pc. On holidays maybe ( I hope) or tired, hungry, or deprived of a working pc because of a virus. Then how can I possibly follow my own bet?
I don't know. I will try my very best. It sounds drastic though. I should give myself some leeway. Week ends won't count. No, no. They must count.
But out of a whole year, I should be allowed for a margin of error. Otherwise I will stress myself out. Just in case there were real reasons where I couldn't write on that day. I don't know, like the world collapsing on itself, no electricity. A meteorite. 5 days. 10? 
Okay 10 days. That's 2.79% margin of error. That's nothing. Let's shake on it!

That should do.

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  1. hmmm. maybe ill make it a point to comment on every one of your posts.... who knows, it might motivate you to post another =)