Friday, January 14, 2011


I can't mention Quetcher without mentioning Diplodocus. That's my laptop. A dinosaur. Yes.
Only 11 gb of harddrive in total. 382 mb of memory. Not even an ethernet connection built with it. You had to have a cardbus adapter. That is how old it is.

For all these reasons, I don't have connectivity and yet it is fine with me.That way, I don't get distracted with evil applications such as hotmail, facebook and other terrible socializing tools.
I can use word, excel and paint. I can put music on and the quality is pretty terrible. The melody tends to wobble.

And yet I still use it every day. I even developped a feeling towards it, close to a fondness. Maybe because it is so old and I have been raised to respect any type of antiques, whether they have two legs or four or 382 mb of memory.
So Diploducus it is because he is slow, gentle and mostly reliable, like an herbivor.
It makes complete sense of course. 


  1. well.
    at least you have a something with stuff on it other that internet...... right?

  2. Word with Words on it. Excel numbers. A bit of mp3 music. That's about it. A laptop stripped to its bare minimum. ;-)