Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loving it.

I have been writing seven hours yesterday non-stop. NON-STOP! I could hardly believe it although my body did. That's always what betrayed me first. Always. One way or another.
I don't do it often but this time I couldn't stop myself. This part is the love part and I get so excited thinking how the characters talk to one another, how they react to one another that I just keep at it until I turned my neck to check the clock and realized that I couldn't. Damn thing! What do people need a neck for any way?
I think of the lines they are supposed to say and I laughed, I raged, I roared
The dialogues to myself would be something like : "Yes! That's it! No, no, no. How can he say that?  That's just too cheesy. No, NO, he is horrified not frozen. And she...she can't be doing that! She is just....Crap. crap. Double crap. Can't find that word. Killing me..ah yes, got it!"

All in all, loving it.

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  1. hahhahahahahah why do we even need a neck?? =P hahahhaha