Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quetcher is Alive!

Yesterday, big sigh of relief, I got my main connection to the outside world fixed.
The bug went splat. The nasty little bugger (aren't they getting intelligent?) was increasingly slowing down my machine. Ten minutes to open the control panel section.
I felt I should add a crank hand at my pc to give it a boost.
The hard drive madly kept on flashing at me with its angry red eye.
I felt watched. And guilty.
Yes I didn't watch my computer's back, the way it watched all my precious data.
I failed him or it.
Sorry, buddy. I won't do it again, I promise.
I was thinking of giving my pc a name. Why not?
After all, people name boats and cars and pets.
He is a bit of a pet to me. (Sad I know)
So I should give it a name like ...I don't know...Quetcher or something like that because it does feel like it complains a lot whether I boot him or open too many windows at a time. He is old, I sympathise.
Yes Quetcher is a good name.
And fortunately I saved him or it from an inevitable doom ( Give me 5, Quetcher! ) which is just as well because I didn't feel like formating it, nor did i feel like re-installing windows XP along with all the applications.
So  thank you AVG for saving the life of Quetcher.

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  1. my car has a name...... as does my baby laptop (netbook).