Thursday, January 27, 2011

Words are like flowers - 4/6

Smell. 4/6

Words are like flowers. Some scent like the smell of a rose will easily damn you. Some of their perfume will be so very tempting, hypnotically calling you that your only wish will be to pick them up and help yourself. But you know you will bleed if you are not careful.
Others,  let's just say that the aromas will reek so badly that you will never want to go near them again. But if you are lucky, some flowers fragrances like honey-scented buddleias will leave you ecstatic with bliss and maybe the ‘Black Knight' will even make you go weak at the knees because that is what perception do to you. 
The signs of their hallmarks on you. That's the beauty of it.
Catching a scent or catching a receptor isn't it like catching a word?
It stays with you whether you like it or not.

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