Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Trojan Horse

This creepy slime is starting to get on my nerves!! The crawler has a nasty way of coming back in on my fondly electronic creature. Just when I have thinking that my buddy was saved, an horse came and trampled on Quelcher, a Trojan Horse that is. All over again. And cryptic in top of it.
Quelcher is at a stand still. Its red eye is constantly on, dodging its way out of the evil hooves of the native Horse with much much difficulty.
I am not blind. It doesn't look good for Quelcher. Even with AVG on and the installation of a mighty malware remover.
8 hours, 8 seconds.
That's how much it took for Malwarebytes Anti-malware to do the scan and remove 59 detected objects.
I don't know what it bites but it certainly did bit my time.
And after all this, Quelcher still takes ten very long, very long minutes to open one simple internet window. Ten minutes. A life time.
I cringe.
No respite. No relief. No ease will I get from that damn sticky slippery virus.
Quelcher is a wreck. Yet I can't abandon it, nor do I want to reload it. But Quelcher is old and maybe, maybe I
It is for the best.
It is unthinkable.
Yet you must do something. 
Don't look back. Look forward.
I close my eyes and I see a white sleek beautiful laptop. An Apple one. The one that states how serious you are about your stuff.
That's it.  Give in...Any valid writer has one. Just one touch, one wish and I will get rid of this old garbage for you. You will never have heard of Quelcher.
I open my eyes.
Validity or fashion? I snap back
The voice shuts.
My missing puzzle piece. What am I going to do without you?

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