Thursday, January 20, 2011

Walking on eggshells

I am going to start this entry by this quote first:
"I have rewritten- often several times- every word I have ever written.  My pencils outlast their erasers." Vladimir Nabokov.Well if I was using erasers, I will probably be buying an eraser company. It would be the most logical approach considering my case.
All the actions that could be employed about writing: Think, add, delete, hesitate, re-write, contemplate, edit, remove, think and add all over again, I do.The company will never get out of jobs. 
I could also quote Isaac Singer "The wastebasket is the writer's best friend." In that case, I think my bedroom would be a wastebasket where no one could get in and out, never even see through the window.
The point is clear. I would be ruining myself in erasers and papers. Thank God that we don't use those anymore.
Before I started on this great adventure, I would have never thought writing was about rewriting but I know now.
Rewriting feels some days like I am walking on eggshells. Every word I use, I hope they will hold me long enough for the daily journey and maybe for an hour they do or for a day or a week until I see a flaw, a mistake, an incoherent idea and they crash under me.
Therefore there were hours where all I could make was an omelet.

And I will finish quoting this last one which I really like from Oscar Wilde.
"This morning I took out a comma, and this afternoon I put it back again." 

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  1. aaaaaaahh, i love reading your posts.
    but im gonna have to finish reading them later... =(