Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why "Beat It?"

I realized that I forgot to explain why the Blog is called "Beat it."

One Sunday evening, not long ago ( 3 days ago to be exact) on a particular gloomy night, I was checking my emails and I had replied to everyone (more or less) and I didn't particularly want to work on the project I am working on because I was at the point of saturation but I still felt restless.

My hands were tingling. And my heart was unhappy. A low murmur came. It was inaudible at first but it became louder and it wringled within me. And then deep beneath the skin, it screamed to me.  
Write. It says. Write for God's sake. Write something. Write anything.
Really? I said. Anything?
Yes anything. It said.
Can't you see this is what you are supposed to do, what you are supposed to be. So Be IT. Beat it.
Be the writer. Be what you owe to be.

And so begun the idea, my journey to writing this blog. Every day.