Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Words are like clothes - 2/6

Touch. 2/6

Words are like clothes. I know it doesn't look like a beautiful analogy and that's probably because you never saw clothes as words.
But they are. They carried us or we carried them around. Some clothes we use everyday. They are light, they will feel easy on us and we let them wrap around us for comfort, pleasure or protection.
Some feel awkward, underdressed or overdressed. We don't want to use those but sometimes we just have to and we will do, they will feel like they will itch, sting or burn you. And you will try to take them down or bring them back but their marks will remain on you like a bad rash.
Some you will wear for special occasions. They will feel silky with a delicate woven pattern and you will feel beautiful, other rough with a simplistic structure and they will make you feel terrible and other so outdated or complex, it just confused the hell out of you.
Words are like clothes.

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