Saturday, January 29, 2011

Words are reflection of us - 6/6

 Balance, pain, humidity, heat, direction and the rest...6/6

Never mind five senses, scientists reckon they’ve found 17 other senses. The number would amount to 22. Balance apparently would be one. The ability to sense pain, humidity, heat or where you are going would be part of the list too.
And I think any of these senses could set against words. Would one not say that words balance us out? Do we not become more peaceful, more balanced when we let things out of our chest? Do we not sense pain out of words? And cry when we hear certain hurtful words? Do we not get hot when we are angry or flushed when we hear a declaration of love?
And don't words lead us to where we are now? Isn't it that capacity to communicate that brings us to that good grade, that will lead us to that good school, to the good career, to the good partner?
Yes we define ourselves through our very words. Words define us, what we do, what we are and what we become. Words are the pictures of ourselves that we get to send out to the universe and guess what?
We can choose our words. So we get to choose whatever we want to be.

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