Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bossy Boots

Wow. Twice in a row. It is evading me. I have been looking for it for two days now.  That's far too long. I dug and dug everywhere, pushed and lifted things around, looked under the sofa,  in the kitchen, in the fridge, in the toilet, nothing.
My mind is going blank at the moment. No inspiration. No can do.
Game over.
Player one wants to play again?
Well...huh...She is looking right and left, then straight at the blank screen. She gulps. Is there no escape button for these type of thing? Don't I have the right for a joker card or something?
NO. You can't escape. You are not a quitter!
Give me a break. Just for tonight?
If you start looking for a way out, then who's gonna stop you from walking away entirely?
Damn straight! And who am I?
My conscience!
Rightly so! So we are on the same page then!
She grunts.  
You can be so bossy at times, do you know that?
Well I would be doing a terrible job if I wasn't, wouldn't I?
Alright then. It is done. 206 words produced. Are you happy now?
See? It wasn't that painful, was it?
She grunts again. 

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