Sunday, February 13, 2011

By The Phone Replaced

It is again an hour before midnight and I still do not know what I am going to write. Actually I might just have an idea this time.

Following the dullest ( his quote) post ever by Peadar frozen stories' blog on his comment about replacing his ancient, battered Nokia, I decided to make a similar list. I hope he won't mind.

Popular Devices
Flashlight? No.
E-kindle? No.
Mobile phone with Internet connection? No! With touch pad? No! With camera or video? No!
Podcasts? What? No!
SatNav? No!
Recording TV? I just entered the era of recording T.V shows. The only problem I found is how to record more than one minute of a show at a time.

Maybe it will be quicker if I make a list of what I own.

Owned devices
Mp3 player - an 8 gb Zen stone and I still can't be bothered to look how to change my music tracks.
all my music is now on my phone's SD card
Computers - one dinosaur and one mammoth.
An old battered Nokia phone.

Wish to partly replace
The brain, the place I live in, the content of the place I live in, the housemate, the car, the computer, the telephone but I think that would just be too costly so I might as well give up wishing...

New Functions
How to use it all?

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  1. I'm suffering from Tech Envy. Everyone else's is way sexier than mine.