Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Fresh Trail to Jungle of your Library

Last night, I went to the Blanchardstown Library. It was fairly empty and only a few lost souls were wandering about.
As you know you can get lost in libraries. Maybe that's why libraries are so great.  

Anyway, as usual I found myself diving in their Jungle of Books. Now because this Jungle is a rather big one, it nearly always feels like I'm going on a Treasure Hunt.
So sometimes when I can't find that treasure, that coveted book, I ask for a guide.
The Jungle Guides rule over this Realm of Silence with great wisdom. Yet they are always very polite and helpful. They'll have no problem leaving the safety of their desk to head into the wild. They're always on the look out for the next treasure.
However following a Jungle Guide require skills. As if you're not fast enough, you might lose Him or Her in the Geography section when a minute ago, you were certain you'd seen them in the dark corner of the Religion section. But a moment of distraction and you're lost again.
So, my advice to you is: for your safety, stick with them.

They dive and turn at every wild corner like smooth jaguars. They will make mighty leaps across the fields so you better watch your step or you will never find your way back out of that jungle of books.
Lots of people before me claimed to have found that fresh trail, circled around and never returned.
But if you are vigilant and alert enough, you might just be able to keep track of that guide and arrive safely to the promised land of that sought-after book.

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