Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Gates to Nothingness

Today, I don't feel particularly inspired.
If I should reflect on how this experience of blogging has gone so far, I would say I am mostly surprised how I managed to find something to talk about on a daily basis.
There were some days where just thinking that I will have to come forth with something new within the next minute or so created a thrill in me.
There were some days where I would think: "Hey, I know what I am going to talk about!" and that was cool too.
Obviously, there were the odd times where I drew a blank but it didn't last long.
Tonight though, because I am mostly tired, it is a bit more difficult. Instead of entering the gates to the joy of writing, I am entering the gates to nothingness.

Neither struggling, neither enjoying to write, I am just shuffling along.
I just passed the gates.
Wait...not quite...that was a just lamp post...damn gates...can't see a is just too foggy out there...
Thank God.

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