Thursday, February 3, 2011

Norbert Valiant

I hadn't heard from can I call him? Mr N.V?, maybe we will call him "Norbert Valiant" because you need to be brave to be working for the company he works for.

Besides I wasn't sure he wanted to be named in my blog.
So Norbert, when you will read this, I hope you like the name.

Any way, tangenting here, I hadn't heard from Norbert in a while so I decided that I should ask how he was doing. After all, we worked together and (as far as I am concerned) the work relationship went well.
I received his email on a sunday and was delighted to read that he was fine.
We exchanged civilities.
I said how the plot of my story had been driving me spare since I have started on this writing journey.
He was his gentleman self and gave me his best of luck wishes on the book.
He even offered to help. In fairness, I didn't expect it and although a bit surprised at first, I thought: "How nice. Maybe. I will think about it. After all, it is not often I get help."

However and after careful consideration, I had to turn it down.

He said and I quote:" if you looking for a plot to work on, you can always work on my garden. :-))"

So Norbert, I am really sorry but I don't think growing tomatoes in your garden will help my plot.
No offense I hope.

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