Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is called cheating

Last week I discovered that I was on pacific time. Well not me obviously. Although I wish ( Would that be great to be in the Pacific right now? Blue ocean, sunshine, palm trees, sea breeze...stop dreaming) Maybe that's why I feel out of sync lately.
I am always out of sync.
Any way, the blog was on pacific time. Or as I found out any blog created on blogger. It is the default time.
Around week one or was it around week two? I did realize that the time I created a new post didn't match the computer time, but I shrugged. So what?
No biggie.
Then I actually checked if I was traveling back in time or ahead and how very convenient: if I created that post around 11 p.m then it will appear at 5.00 p.m. Very handy.
I shooed the little voice that said that I was cheating. And then since it did catch up with me, I looked a bit. So many tabs. It sounded like hard work. I would have to research through the web. I gave up.
Then I realized that people couldn't not make free comments on the blog. So I looked it up. And I found both where to change the settings.

So now I am not cheating. It is set to the Irish time.

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