Saturday, February 26, 2011


First of all, I am so glad to be back, to kick that creativity again, unleash it without constraint, without restrain, without double guessing myself. It is good to be back. Now on that note, how I am going to extricate something good out of me, something worthwhile out of this picture (which is all together cleverly made)

You think you can clip them back, don't you?
You think you can assemble the pieces and call it whole again?
You broke my heart, damn it!
You broke my heart and even if the pieces fit,
Even if the image of me is smooth again.
Deep beneath,
It is trembling,
It is shuddering,
From the earthquake you inflicted upon me.

Poem inspired from the Magpie Tale wonderful picture


  1. Go away, let me be! Nice write!

  2. Powerful words. You extricated an excellent write from the picture.

    Thank you for visiting my page.

  3. This one packs an emotional punch. Well done.