Thursday, February 17, 2011

Upstart - Countdown to D-Day in 8 days !

So I think I could summarise Today's day in numbers:
I have contacted/exchanged emails with:
  • 7 writers
  • 4 organizers
  • 5 Upstart members.
  • Sent 6 distributions lists emails to promote the Upstart Project to the public.
  • Clicked on 15 websites
  • Typed 18 578 characters and therefore 2978 words. I have counted them all!
  • Ate 1 meal.
  • Being shut down once
  • Ignored twice.
  • Sneezed twice. (I know that's pretty irrelevant to the project but if I didn't let them out, maybe I wouldn't be here to write this entry! ;-))
  • Drank 578 milliliters of tea, coffee and orange juice ( not all mixed together! And yes I had to measure the liquids - no wonder why the time passes by so quickly!! ;-)
  • And all this over the course of 9 hours.

I think that's pretty much it for today.

All things considered, a really uneventful day when you think about it.

Feel free to read and react to the Upstart blog:

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