Friday, February 18, 2011

Upstart - Countdown to D-Day in 7 days !

Tomorrow should be a busy day. Did I say busy? I mean it should be very very very busy!
And what did I do today?
First let me thank you for asking me. Well today I have been jugling with emails and time and fight against Yahoo and Google and Facebook. No, there are not bullies although sometimes I feel like they are!
There is only so many things you can fit in a day. I have tried to ask God for 26 or 30 hours in a day but he said: "No can do!"
So despite it all, I was able to create a schedule so that I could meet with three writers.
The interviews for tomorrow have been setting for respectively 11 am, 13 p.m and 15 p.m.
Although in theory my intent is to keep the interviews short and sweet (around 20 minutes each) I know I will probably be talking to the writers after (and vice versa) and hopefully they will want to talk to me too otherwise well ...I guess I will look very odd talking to myself in the bar, won't I?
So that is the plan if all goes well.
Then I might be able to tag along with our favorite blogger 'on the street' here at Upstart and see her work in real live action. And then if everything still goes according to plan, I will go to the "Screenwriters in conversation" event taking place at the Ilac center and learn one thing or two about the screenwriting talents happening in the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival this year.
Oh yeah and incidentally, The  Upstart blog is LIVE!!!!
so Anyone and Everyone can debate on how it means to them to bring Arts to the Public scene !!
So Please feel free to go the Upstart Blog and give your views/reactions:

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  1. Hi Laura, one of my very short poems was accepted by Upstart for their poster campaign. Any idea when ther posters will be going up?