Friday, February 25, 2011

Upstart - D-Day !

This is it! The Election Day has arrived and Upstart is coming to a close. It is like a line closing on itself, although it isn't because there is talk of continuing Upstart in a new direction.
Err, I mean: "I am delighted to hear this." 

No final decisions have been reached as yet, but Upstart has started the planning process; one of their firsts step will be to consult Upstart artists, contributors and supporters themselves and to find out what people want/need from us.

Grave nod.

Regards to the future of the blog, Upstart would like to continue blogging after the election day.

Would you still be interesting in Blogging with us?
(Hell yes!)
I should very much like that. She replied in a professional manner.

There will still be plenty to blog about regards to Upstart opinions, the elections, and project related events and activities.
Oh goodie!

If you are interested in continuing blogging after that date, please let me know how you are fixed to attend another Blogger's meeting on Tuesday 2nd March
You can count me in! 

So that's it. If I should summarise the past week and half I would say that I never wrote and read so furiously before (well aside from the book I have been trying to write) I wrote 9 articles and there are still more on the go, discovered 13 writers/poets, been to 3 events, talked to 7 writers, interviewed 5, discovered 3 musicians. I mean it is been a hell of a week and half!!
 However what I will do from now on is that I will keep both blog separate. I want to try to keep this one as a personal rumbling and the Upstart blog as a professional rumbling.

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