Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day.

It is Valentine's day. Surely I could come up with something good.
But I don't.
However my two lovers did. Yes, I am lucky that way. I have two lovers and they treated well today.
I got:

1- Thai-Style Fishcakes finished with an aromatic Acacia Honey and Ginger glaze

2- 21 day ( not 22 now! 21 and I could taste the 21 days!)  Matured Irish Beef Rump Saunce Steaks served with a creamy Peppercorn Sauce wine and Brandy

3- Garlic Mushrooms with soft cheese topped with Breadcrumbs

4 -Lightly poached raspberry compote flooded with a Belgian Chocolate Ganache
(I didn't know anything could be flooded with anything else than muddy water. How wrong can you get?)

Now. You want the names of my lovers?
I can share. That's not a problem. That's Michael and Thomas.
That's right, also known as Marks and Spencer.

Any way, they should treat me more often. But beggars can't be chosers.

Mental note: Why do they keep using capital letters at the beginning of every word when presenting a meal?
Do we eat capitals? No we don't!!

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