Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 4 Ps's rule

I said the Artist's years book is a bible for anyone who wants to get published.
Well I looked at the literary agents section and what good was it to me that they were ordered alphabetically!
Why could they not think of ordering it by category's genre.
It would save a lot of people the trouble of reading them all individually trying to find who specialised in what!
So I read that there might be two other bibles around
The Writer's market
And the Guide to literary agents.
My local library only had the Writer's market book at hand. And It was from 2009. And I could not even bring it back with me. I had to consult it.
Any way I still felt happy that they had one of the bible. I read through it and realised that this book would not be helping me much since it seemed to cover the U.S market.
Not much of help when you want to publish your book in Europe.
Any way I did read something interesting. There is 4 Ps' rule when it comes to writing. 
It sets the successful writers from the ones you do not succeed apparently.
The rule is:

I should add:


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey with us.. I do love to hear about the teller behind the stories. keeping my fingers crossed for you,