Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The blogs are her acorns

Night has fallen.
In her cavity nest,
she arises and wrinkles her nose.
Her expert eyes scan the unknown.
Hungry and ready.
she looks up to the moon for just over a second
then she hops and skips,
leaping from tree to tree.
Versatile and earnest
she bounces from find to find.
This one find does taste particularly pleasing tonight.
She grabs her price.
Efficiently she cracks it open
tests its quality and nods.
Its rock-hard shell is her candy.
Her lips tastes of hazelnuts
She spreads her wings
and jumps on the move again,
Flying Squirrel Girl.

Dedicated to Sweet Pea.  ;-) Yet again.


  1. awwwww, i love it =)))
    <3 <3 <3
    it made me smile.
    like this =) (= =)

  2. invite you to join poets rally week 40...
    simply visit me for details...all submissions are to be represented by the end of the week.
    Happy Writing.
    Looking forward to seeing you share your talent with us.
    You rock.

    amazing piece.

  3. if you decide to participate in that ^^^^
    make sure to LET ME KNOW
    so i can go read your stuff =))