Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If my dream could be seen

If my dream could be seen,
It would not be a bean,
Or even a tree,
But just a little pea.

Don't tell anybody
But I carry it with me.
Against my heart
Like a spare part.
My dream in bracket
In the bottom of my pocket 
I often fear it gets crushed
Between people who rushed.

A pea is so fragile, so small. 
A wrong or clumsy move.
My dream to remove.
Often it is been a close call.
But a pea can grow. 
If you do let it go. 
Here cupped in my hand, 
Will you stand your ground?
Vulnerable but tangible. 
His whisper barely audible
To me
Only to me...
I let you go.
Live on then.
Go on, for both of us.

Dedicated to Sweet Pea. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. i read your comment, and it made me smile =)
    and then i read the last part, and im positive my eyes lit up. and i got excited inside. and as soon as i finished reading that comment, i came straight here, to read it =) =) =)