Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The crying game

I watched the Crying Game last night.
I thought this movie would be about War and it wasn't. It was about love. And what a love story!
It is unlike anything you will see or expect.
A man called Fergus working for the Irish Revolutionary military organisation (IRA) befriends the person he was supposed to kidnap; a British soldier called Jody. However it goes horribly wrong. Jody gets killed and Fergus escapes to London. However he made the promise to check if Jody's girlfriend, Dil is okay and starts falling for her.

There is a scene in this movie when Fergus follows Dil into a pub after she has cut his hair. (She is a hairdresser) She notices him at the counter but instead of talking to him, she uses the bartender to languorously flirt with him.
I was flabbergasted by her performance. She just watches him. A half smile appears on her red lips. She lazily rolls her eyes down and round at him, with such slowness, cheekiness, and control. It was beautiful to watch. Her eyes are so playful.
She owes that moment. She plays it as if she owns herself, as if she owns him even though he doesn't know it yet.

At that point I was already hooked and I knew I would see the whole movie no matter what would happen.
In this film, she is gentle, confident, discreet, demanding, understanding, loving, witty, playful, delicate, needy.

I don't want to reveal the story for people who will see the movie but it is a a very touching subtle love story  and I must say that I have never seen a  a love story with this shade of complexity. Very well put together.

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