Friday, April 29, 2011

Francis Thompson

I have been lent a book which I have been previously discussed in this blog before.
It is called "The Hound of Heaven" by Robert Waldron.
Robert demonstrates that poems can be read in prayers in the study on the work of Francis Thompson's life. He studies how his poetry awakens the spirit.
Admittedly it is not a common book to get a lend of.
And I didn't ask for it. It landed with me. So I had little choice but to accept it or I will offend the person.
And I must say I am quite enjoying it.
It is very strange the way Poetry has been following me around lately.
Ever since I joined the Upstart project, instead of getting closer to the world of Novels,  it has evaded me and in its place the world of Poetry has swirled me in.

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