Thursday, April 14, 2011

My biggest breath of fresh air in writing so far

Today is a special day and I wish to honour it and remember it.
Yes today, I came up with the whole plot for a chick lit story.
I mean: wow.
I mean: wow crazy.
I  just never come up with a full plot.

No usually I struggle.
I think and think, and think some more and still that leads me to what: the beginning of chapter One?
Chapter two if I am lucky.
But I could never foresee two chapters in advance. Never mind an ending.
But today, it happened.
Today, I thought about that potential idea for a chick lit story and I was racking my head to know how I could develop it.
Because the truth is that ONE idea does not make a full story.
So the idea had been swimming around in my head for the last 3 months and I thought about it again and some other thoughts got attached to that and before I knew it, I had written down ten lines: the whole synopsis.
The very fact of its existence appearing to me as a whole in my head was a near miracle to me.
It was fully formed. And structured!!
The struggle to see what will happen, where it will go, the big fog where I usually wander for months if not for years when it comes to create a story was over before it had even begun!

I had it mapped out.
Even as I wrote "mapped out", the verb is so alien to me it feels weird reading and writing it.
Yet I shall say it again:"it is mapped out."
A miracle.
This must be the bigger breath of fresh air I have ever taken.