Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Hero

I guess we could say that I must be inspired by this book because I am still going to make references of it in this post today ( and probably tomorrow also).
So I was reading another section of this book, ( For people who missed the two previous posts) she coughs ( as if they were millions of people reading this post every day) I am still talking about " the writer's journey" by Christopher Vogler, I noticed a very interesting section about the definition of the Hero.
I know I am doing this all backward because this should have been the first subject I should have covered.
Any way...
"The word Hero, you will be happy to know is Greek, from a root which means "to protect and to serve". A hero for people who wouldn't know ( but who wouldn't?) is someone willing to sacrifice his own needs on behalf of others."
I can't help feeling all weird about this definition. It is a rather beautiful definition.

"In psychological terms, the archetype of the hero represents what Freud called the ego (...) that part of the personality that considers itself distinct from the rest of the Human race. Ultimately a Hero is one who is able to transcend the bounds and illusions of the ego. (...)
The hero archetype represents the ego's search for identity and wholeness.
In the process of being complete, we are all Heros facing internal guardians, monsters and helpers. And along the way, we find teachers, guides, gods, demons, servants, masters, seducers, tricksters, betrayers, lovers, friends (...) And so the psychological task we all face is to integrate these separate parts into one complete, balanced entity."
And I guess that is why we are so messed up.
And that is also why we love a good Hero, because he can work out the difficult parts for us. He can balance out what we can't or what we won't.
On that deep note, I think I will wish good luck to all of us, on planet Earth for being humans and I will say good night.

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