Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It makes me laugh

Wow! Good news! Two pieces I sent got selected in an arts magazine.
Now the funny part, just last week, I received yet another letter of rejection from a writing competition in Cork.
I thought : "Alright, I am not good enough with semi pro or even amateur writing competition but a library competition with 20 chances to be selected as a finalist, I might get lucky, right?
Well wrong!
But I am kind of blase about rejection letters now. When I receive any reply at all.
So when I received this email tonight, I thought: " oh another rejection!"
Then I vaguely read the end part where it says "We'd like everyone to send in a short personal profile."
I got confused.
Hang on? I got selected?
So I re-read the email.
Please find attached a list of all the contributors to this issue of Minus9Squared.
Oh goodie.
Okay, so what did get selected?
I sent a short story, arty pictures, poems and the first three pages of a play.
Big laughter when I see that that it is the arty pictures that got their attention.
Damn it!
I want to be a writer, not a photographer!
Did I chose the wrong form of art?
That is so typical!
Still though I am happy.

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