Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lightship First Chapter Competition‏

I have realised that since I was looking for competitions for myself and sending it to other people, I might as well advertise it here.
So here is an interesting competition, not that I am going to apply for it but I must say that the prize is probably the dream of every aspiring novelist. That would be a nice gift!
For the modest *coughs* sum of 15 £ per entry, you can get a chance to get a priceless feedback from an acclaimed literary author, a top literary agent and a commissioning editor as you write your novel.

Not only will the winning First Chapter be published in the Lightship Anthology in 2011, but if, after the mentoring process, your finished novel is as enthralling as your First Chapter, Simon Trewin will agree to represent your work and Lightship Publishing and Alma Books will publish it as a book. Potentially, with a quote from Tibor Fischer on the cover, people will pick up your novel in a bookshop, and buy it. If your work is of the highest quality your mentors may become your champions. Winning First Chapter is a fantastic publicity platform to launch your novel and achieve the acclaim and sales that could secure you a career as a novelist in a highly competitive market.

Closes on 30 Jun 2011
Results published on 8 Sep 2011
Fee: £15.00
Word Limit: 5400
The Prize - Expert Mentoring

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