Monday, April 25, 2011

The Taboo Word : ebooks

I was hesitating you see. I have got one children' story - short enough - just over 12 pages which I was considering for publication.
But instead of thinking of taking the traditional route to publication, I was thinking of the big Taboo word.
I was thinking : eBook.
Because let's not kid ourselves here: why would I to want to go through all the pain of going through the research, the submissions guidelines, the publishing criteria, the genre, the cover letter, the synopsis, bla bla bla ....if I could avoid all that fuss?
So I was thinking: where is the catch? Do I do it? Do I not do it?
Better read about it first.
Well as it turned out, the decision was a simple one. The market for children stories on eBooks is nearly non existent.
Good. So no choice to make. 
Here are a few figures about the eBook market based  two years ago.

Where are eBooks selling today?
US - 67%
UK 7%
Europe - 7%
Australia- 6%
Canada - 4%
Others - 9%

And what is being read on e-books?
Fiction - 65.2%
Business - 8.2%

Computers -2.6%
Family and relationships- 2.4%
Body, mind and spirit - 1.6%
History - 1.6%
Children and young adult fiction - 1.5%
Religion - 1.4%
Language arts and disciplines - 1.2 %
Health and fitness -1.2%
Others - 13.1 %

So basically I would have 1.5% of  7% who might be buying children book through the eBook medium.
Not much. So all the talk we hear about how easy it is to make money out of eBooks is mainly possible if  you write fiction and  your reading audience is likely to be American. So you better right accordingly!
For the rest of the writers, it is still going to be tough.

The people who are currently buying eBooks
travelers - 8%
teachers and researchers -31%
and business and professional- 21%
Impaired readers - 4 %
Leisure reading- 36%

Figures from the Writers and Artists Yearbook 2009.

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