Tuesday, May 31, 2011

going Abstract - Julie Mehretu

Today we are travelling to the Abstract world of Ethiopia. I have discovered quite recently a fantastic website called the TerminARTors website and since then, I navigate between his pages like a pirate searching for his next treasure.
For people who don’t know the terminARTors website, it is a must-know website. It is the world’s largest artist artwork museum database. It is the most professional online database I have seen in terms of Arts.
Anyway, I am deviated from the subject. The other day, I was looking for inspiration on this website and this painting caught my eye. I tried to ignore it for as long as I could but decided eventually that I could no longer ignore it.

The work is of an Ethiopian woman called Julie Mehretu. She is forty-one. And although she was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, she lives and works in New York City now.
I have looked at her other pieces and this one is definitely the one I prefer.
It is called Excerpt ( Suprematist evasion) Can you see the evasion? The flight of straight and colourful lines all diverging from a single point illustrates very well the image of a release.
Whether it is meant to be an emotional or a physical release, no one knows but it does look like as if paint has just exploded out of the canvas. I found the effect rather successful. There is a sense of speed, movement and chaos which brings the viewer to travel back and forth, from the point of explosion to the direction the explosion is taking. She could have called it the Big Bang but she called the suprematist evasion.
It still works. And so does the mix of ink and acrylic together.
If only chaos could be this straight forward.