Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beginning of dementia

I swear I have so enough of writing and re-writing those first 3 chapters!
It is seriously getting ridiculous. I re-wrote them 10, 15, 20 times. I have lost count.
But the funny part. You know what the funny part is?
I sent it to a writers' forum and someone said: "It must be your first draft, yes?"
God Almighty.
I didn't know if I felt like crying or laughing hysterically.
I think I ended up making a nervous demented chortle when I read that comment.
If they think the beginning is amateurish, then what should they think of the middle or the end which is not as  polished?
I had made a jumper and they knit-picked it so much my story looked like a scarf now.
It is depressingly discouraging.
I feel I will never see the end of it. And never will get the one book out.
I don't give a crap. In two weeks time, I am sending it in. Enough is enough with the re-writing.
No more changes. And we will see what we will see.

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