Friday, May 13, 2011


Who knew derelict could be interesting?
I discovered this artist in my local art gallery.
Born in Dublin in 1969, Michael Wann lives and works in Co. Sligo.
This is a quote of someone, a journalist who depicted his work.
I kind of like how he explains his art.

“Michael Wann’s fragile ephemeral images of derelict buildings depict a rare transient quality which is both harrowing and beautiful, evoking themes of memory, neglect and loss. Despite, or because of his expert skill as a draughtsman, it is within the versatility of the medium (charcoal and water on fine grain canvas) that there exists a delicate balance, between an imperfection of process and an exacting act of observation, adding a poignant vulnerability to this new body of work.”

Here is Michael Wann's website:

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  1. it almost seems like the house wasnt meant to be part of the picture.