Monday, May 9, 2011

Editing software help

If you don't have a friend or some acquaintances to correct your Novel in progress, or you know that 2015 will go by by the time you get some feedbacks from a writers forum of all your chapters then you might want to try an electronic friend.
An manuscript electronic software application.
I had to do a little bit of research before I found a website that summarises it all.
The link below says the softwares are free but of course little of them are free.

However out of that lot, this is what I tried and found:
You have a three days free trial to use the tool. And you can only copy and paste 3000 characters at a time which is virtually nothing.
However it can give you a good idea of how the tool works. The full version is 80$.

Free very limited software that points out the basic mistakes in a text
It shows your:
Vocabulary Score: 46
Vocabulary Word Count: 11
Percentage of Vocab Words: 1.63%
But it doesn't provide with much help on the structure.

The website asked for the details of your credit card even for the 7 days free trial

WINPROOF doesn't exist any more

5)KeyMaster 1.05 · free KeyMaster download ( shareware). which is a program that read the document aloud to you. doesn't exist.

That's all I got so far!

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