Sunday, May 8, 2011


One colleague from our writing group had his story story successfully accepted in an unusual Publishing Company. The company is called Etherbooks and it is a Mobile Publisher.

What is that?
Ether Books is a new and innovative mobile publisher, providing the very best short content direct to your mobile phone. They publish short fiction, articles, poetry and serials from both bestselling and emerging contemporary writers.
I found the idea pretty revolutionary and clever. Alltogether it is a great idea.
That is if you have an Iphone, an Ipad or anything beginning with an i.
Unfortunately I do not possess one of those " i " things, never mind a phone with an internet access.
Never mind a phone with a camera even!
You have guessed it: if you don't have a banana, a pear, but most likely an Apple, you are a bit screwed.
So bye bye to the possibility of reading those ‘byte sized reads’
Nevertheless I will try to submit my work there.
There are a few prestigious writers part of this new company like Paul McCarthney and Colin Bateman and now Brian Ahern. ;-)
Application is free to download and some of the short stories are also free to read too.
So it is a new choice for all potential readers and writers to escape the jungle of reality.

Below is their website:

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