Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Show me the Monet

I have discovered a new TV Series about art today. I was so impressed by the quality of some artists that I decided to record that episode and all other episodes.
It is called 'Show Me The Monet' (Clever title) and it has been commissioned by BBC2.

I looked it up on the Internet and it only has 10-parts so I hoped what I watched wasn't the last episode! ( As I found out, it was episode 8 so I was a bit gutted because being based in Ireland, I couldn't even watch it on the BBC website iplayer)
Nevertheless I shall explain the content of the series. Basically there is a Hanging Committee (a panel of three renowned art experts) and they are searching for great art from both amateurs and professionals alike. If they are selected they can get a chance to have their submitted piece exhibited at the Royal College of Art in London. For some it can be the beginning of recognition and success.

Title of work: June. Price : 1800£
Artist: Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf. She is 28.
This is an auto portrait and the committee said there was something quite remarkable about the way she used the white of the canvas to make her fa
ce look transient almost aery-like. I completely agree. I also like the pastel of colour she used such as the shade of light green and pink to paint the flesh.
It brings the light into the painting.

Title: Head Study - Price:1100£ sold.
Artist: Stuart Howitt. He is 39.
On the other end of the spectrum, here is also a portrait but of darkness. This is the portrait of the artist's husband. The jury complained they saw little of the person's eyes and traits but as the artist explained, that's exactly what he intended. Just because you don't see every feature of a human face, it doesn't make it less of a portrait. And I completely agree. Sometimes the less is more. I think it is such a new and refreshing way to paint a head study. In the end, the jury agreed that the portrait was "good enough" to be part of the RAC and it was sold but I think their criticisms were unfounded and I really love this portrait. There is a mystery about him.  The eyes remains hidden from the viewer which also conceals the access to his soul. So the individual looks far, unreachable almost ghost-like yet as the jury said, there is this triangle of light on his chest which brings him back to humanity and reality.

Title: Tree axe number one. Price : 850£
Artist: Alex Jones - 23
The continuation of an axe into a tree.
I loved the idea that the tree outgrows the axe, that it claims its power back. That is so original I could hardly believe it.

Here is the website:

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