Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Terminartors.

I have just discovered by pure chance a wonderful amazing website about Art.
It is called the Terminartors.
The website is pretty amazing. It lists the largest range of artists I have ever seen on a website.
Famous, unknown, professionals, amateurs, dead, alive artists. It is just a phenomenal.
It is like an online encyclopedia of art.
And the great thing about it is that it lists the artists by movements, by name,  by nationality, by technique and wait for it, by colour!! You can click on a spectrum of colour, say yellow and you have a list of paintings with a wide range of yellow workart. Is that not cool or what?
And the website has such a neat and clear design. It is altogether a gem that website!
Now let's pick one piece of art and comment it.
There is so much choice that's nearly a problem to pick one.
Actually I will create another post when I have choosen the right artwork!

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