Sunday, June 5, 2011

Acostaneyra or the Cuban dream

Today we are going to Cuba.
This painter is called Acostaneyra. And on the biography section of the Terminartors website, there is absolutely nothing said about his journey as an artist. All we know is that he was born in 1962 which makes him 49 years old.
This painting on our right was painting in 2009 and is called "Busquedas del posible espejo" which translated as "Searches of the possible mirror". I don't think that's given us much information about the piece except that it looks like this has been painted out of a dream, a very colourful dream. I really like the tones of red, magenta, purple and blue. The colours fit well together and the painting is well balanced because of it. (Acrylic technique)

This painting is called "Cabizbajo" (2005) which translates as Downcast or Crestfallen. This at least makes sense. It is a watercolour and boy, do I like the colour on this one too? I really like the position, the mosaic technique in which he painted this, the theme and the fact that the face of the character remains hidden from us. It could be a boy, a man or a woman even.
We just don't know and that's okay because the poetry is in the "position of the sitter and the way his or her hands falls on him or her not in knowing who is this person or why is he or she down.

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