Saturday, June 18, 2011

Behnaz Ashraf or Atoms of Nature

I have discovered yet another website about Art. It is called "".
The website aims to give exposure to emerging artists from the Middle East.

Born in 1977 in Tehran, Behnaz Ashraf graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Azad University in Iran and now lives and works in Dubai.

This painting is called "Ascent". The website doesn't say when this was painted.
To be honest I am not sure what is ascending here but something is ascending alright!
Being a Chemical Engineering maybe there are Ions or Electrons? Atoms of nature released in the sky? or But there are definitely particles of love in the way she depicting this effervescence of nature in the darkening sky.

There is also this paint called "Motion".
I am not sure either if and where the movement is. I see again more of a cell than a something moving. Like a close up on one basic unit of life or the negative of a dandelion flower head composed of hundreds of smaller florets.

She has more than 8 years of diverse and hands-on graphic design experience, including outdoor & indoor design, art directing and printing, and has worked on several art projects during this time. Along with her profession as a graphic designer, she continues to paint as a second career, and teaches painting and mix media in Art Sawa Gallery in Dubai.


  1. Hello! Lovely pictures, I especially love the 'Ascent' one. I think it is called that because we are looking up - it is a fantastic perspective. Also perhaps the 'ascent' of the dandelion seeds into the sky.