Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bummer, it is Bluemner!

I must say I am not entirely "au fait" with all the Art movements. Say the Expressionism for example. I am not sure why it is called as such except that it must be because they want to "express" something which all movements do any way.
Let me check the definition for you:
Expressionism's style is to present the world solely from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas. Expressionist artists sought to express meaning or emotional experience rather than physical reality.
In other words, it could get messy, depending how one views the world.
So to give me an idea of the style, I went on the Terminators website and click on that movement.
Well as I suspected some of it can be a little disconcerting, to say the least.

There is an artist however who caught my attention. I am sorry that we are yet going to travel to Germany again! It is a pure coincidence. Besides I am paying for the trip so what are you complaining about? ;-)
Any way we are not going to Munich we are going to Hanover. That's where Mr Oscar Florianus Bluemner was born in 1867. However he then moved to Chicago at age 25 and then settled in New York City at age 34. He was initially an architect employed to design public then private building and then moved towards painting.

As a color theorist, Bluemner was interested in how pure color carried emotional and psychological impact.
I must say I completely agree with his theory. Bluemner used bold colors in daring combinations and forms to evoke mood. No matter what the subject matter, Bluemner always insisted on the primacy of color as a source of power and energy in his images.
This is really funny because that's exactly why my eye was caught on that specific painting.
First it was the colour. Simple. Blue, red and green. Not necessarily the best of colours together but maybe because it doesn't go together did that catch my attention. The next thing that I noticed was the title: Downpour.
I liked the name. So I got hooked and double clickled on the image. Now I really liked the effect of veil on the painting. You don't know whether it is you who is having a moment of hallucination or if there is something wrong with the painting. It feels like it is floating in front of you. But it is not. It is the effect of rain. Nicely done. There is no date as to when it was painting.

Anyhow I decided to look at the rest of his works. His style can vary greatly from painting to painting. I like when an artist diversify his work. To me it shows that he or she is willing to explore or won't settle down to something he or she knows well already. They want to try out new things and grow as artists as much as individuals.
Well they as individuals and their work always do evolve but what I mean is at least it shows they are more complexed and maybe also more troubled individuals. There is no certainty about their work or their path unlike some painters who you always see the same recognisable genre which to me tells me they knew of their path and never thought of another path to deviate to. But maybe that's just me.

Any way, here is another painting that I liked. It is called the Morning. Painted between 1912 and 1916. Again it looks like it was painted through a kaleidoscope or a deformed mirror. I really like the effect and the colours of course. I guess that's it for today.

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