Saturday, June 4, 2011

Anita Barabas or Hungary is singing

Today I went to the Terminators website as usual and well since I am happy I chose a picture called " Happy cats". It is from a modern artist called Anita Barabas. She is Hungarian and we are therefore going to travel to Hungary. She is a self-taught artist and was born in 1965. For some reasons now, her style reminds me a bit of Gustav Klimt. I don't know if it is because of the gentle posture of the painted subjects or the bright colours, but there is something definitely delicate and sensitive at work here.

I think it might be due the fact that in this "Happy Cats" (2008) painting for instance the two cats stand so close too each other for comfort or reassurance or...
.. in this "Singing Birds" (2008) painting , the way the girl is leaning towards the bird almost kissing it.
It makes those two paintings quite vulnerable and touching. I don't know if this bird is singing but these paintings are definitely singing to me.

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