Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Iain Crawford or why use a Drop when you can use a Bucket!

Yesterday, I was searching for Valery's work and I found a blog that specialized mainly in fashion marketing and development. The name of the studio is called LABELED and the result is a collaboration between Japanese and Russian designers.
On their website, I found some very interesting pictures from a photographer called Iain Crawford. I know nothing about this guy. I just saw his Pictures and they spoke with more than words to me. Here they are:

I mean wow: a model wearing paint like a clothe. That's what I call: a conceptual art. And what a beautiful fluid cloth indeed!
The effect of splash yellow around the model's neck and her shoulders is just splendid! Who knew throwing painting at someone could be so sensual! 

Did someone ask for a scarf?

Here is the website:

And his personal website with more conceptual pictures of colourful dust being thrown at models:

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  1. very cool! i guess they have to use the first shot only. love it!

    thanks for your comments at my blog, i do live near the shore, and go there often, guess it shows!

    happy blogging!