Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have been reading Goddess's website today and one thing led to another, I found one, two, ten blogs about writers which I now follow. I am delighted to have found some of them because their blogs were up-lifting.
You don't feel so lonely any more in that arduous task of becoming a writer.  And as Jayne did point out on her blog, it is a long process to become a writer.
It also made me think back of my own blog and what direction I want it to take.
Direction? What direction! There aren't any!
I know! My point exactly!
As I said on someone else's blog, I am not a plotter. I can't even "plot" my own blog for Heaven's sake.
Initially, I started creating a blog about writing and deviated completely!!
And now I am writing about painting and arts.
To be honest, I am very happy with that (not that I intentionally chose it) but I read some painters's biographies which were very inspiring and discovering their art opened up my mind and kept the flow of my writing going.

I do think I would like more to offer inspiration to writers rather than advice on writing. Not that I can any way. I could only describe my own struggle ( and everyone struggles differently when it comes to writing)
Besides I realise I couldn't renew my struggle on a daily basis.
Don't get me wrong the struggle/ frustration/joy on writing do vary but not enough to write about it on a daily basis!

Besides when you write everyday, you want to have a break from it and maybe that's why I chose to talk about Art. I secretly searched for some relief.
Have anybody felt this way? And how/where do you find inspiration?

And maybe I thought I can offer that to others too.

However doing it on a daily basis, is rather time consuming, so I am going to do from now on, is to put a picture up every two or three days rather than every day and hope it inspires people to write a bit of prose or poems about it.

If not write about it, it might provide a little breeze to their overheated brain! ;-)

And since the summer is upon us, I am choosing this painting.
It is called "woman with yellow and white parasol". It is from a painter called Roland Peterson, painted in 1987.
Danish originally, he now seems to live in the USA.
I obviously love the colours and the strong emphasize of light and shadow on the ground but what I found clever is the approach to use complementary colors to set off forms. He abstracts the forms, and reduce them to geometric shapes. Yet they are not that abstact that we can't recognize them, which makes it all the more interesting.


  1. I wish summer was upon me.
    It is winter Downunder!

  2. I love the idea of posting about art; it is a unique approach to this writing thing. I don't know as much about art (except that I like it) so I'd love to learn more. One kind of art really can inspire other forms. I can't wait to see more!

    -Miss GOP