Monday, June 27, 2011

Piermateo or the Bohemian Style

After that gloomy post yesterday, I thought I should cheer myself up by looking for some colourful paintings again.
And I found it in the embodiment of an Italian artist's works. Well at least I think he is Italian.
His name is Piermateo. Born in 1963 on the Adriatic coast of Italy, this colourist has kept the dazzling brightness of his country and made them shine through his paintings.
Squares and circles are floating in the space throughout all his work and it doesn't look or feel one bit out of place.

Moon Crescent
 Since then, he has been exhibited a few times in France. And maybe Paris?
Just a wild guess! ;-)

To our right, the little red sailboat.
I like the boldness in this mosaic of colours. It takes on a naive turn that I found refreshing and youthful.
You can guess by the palmtrees and the arches that this must be the South of France or somewhere quite exotic.

The Rowboats

I like the silence present in this paint. We feel the only one awake while the city is asleep at nightime.

This one is called The Troubadours.
Even though the Troubadours seem to be boosting with energy, there is somehow a touch of sadness in their faces.

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