Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Orient Slowness or Tamara Halabi

Still from that website Icanaffordart.com, I present you not the Orient Express but Orient Slowness or Tamara Halabi's lustful work.
She grew up in Dubai and pursued her undergraduate studies in Beirut.

The little article described the artist as someone fascinated by colours, shapes and textures.
I agree to the colours and shapes. I really like the fairy-like almost child like approach to the city of Beirut on this painting. However I can say I can agree with the textures since we are not told the medium she was using nor can we see the strokes of brushes through this picture.

On this painting, she depicted her version of Istanbul. I guess it must be the hillsides of the Bosphorus. The sky is on fire while the buildings remains almost lifeless It makes sense since the title she chose for this is Istanbul Sunset.

She obtained an Arts residence in the U.S. Hence this very nice painting of New York 's skyscrapers.


  1. Pretty cool. From my art-ignorant perspective, it's sort of Modern American Primitivism.

  2. Thank you for your interest and comment Suldog. Interesting to hear your view.