Monday, June 6, 2011


I wouldn't be a fan of collage. I don't really even consider this technique as an art. But today I thought I should try to look for something different and that image called me.
The author name is Judit Wellisch Tehel.  Born in Hungary in 1931, after the revolution in 1956 she had to flee the country. She studied Art,  2 years in Vienna, and 2 years in Oslo. At the beginning of her career she was inspired by Expressionism, by Edvard Munch and by artists of the COBRA-group. In the 1970s these elements develop in the direction of human/anatomic fragments. Not only do her compositions get more classic, but the painter also relates her work to the ancient periods  in the history of Art, from Hellenism, to Renaissance and Mannerism.
Although this piece "Athenes" is from 1998, there is no doubt that her her interest in Greek architecture is still predominant. Her technique is not always of collage so that
I really like the effect of the veil that surrounds the statue and the effect of the grey pebble on the ground which disappears in the distance. It makes the scene a bit dreamy-like or almost apocalyptic. It feels like you are looking at the remaining of civilisation after a nuclear bomb. That's my favourite piece of her work. I must say the rest of her pieces are either too realist ( see right picture - Coast of Northern Seas- 1996) or too abstract/fragrmental for me to appreciate it. As you can see below.
Fragments of a town -1988-

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