Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Warashina, wha'?

Wow! I don't know what happened: I got 27 viewpages today. That's probably the highest record within a day I got since I started this blog.
Any way, let's not deviate from the subject. Well still in a mode of looking for strange art, I found today a very peculiar sculpture.

 Not everybody's cup of coffee. I must admit. Yet it does stir something in me, which is the purpose of art, right?
But what does it do exactly? Well, I don't know. I think it makes me frown at first. This Figure A ( very original title! not!) does look a little bit weird, out of proportion to say the least.
The head is huge. The legs and arms are ridiculously small and the body seems half twisted, like the smile I must add and the strange squares covering the body. Some red, some black. There are all over the place.
And then I am getting it, this art is twisted and I am smiling because maybe that's what the artist meant to do: to twist with the viewer's mind. So I decide that I like it. Because it is twisted.
I must say some of her works is way more twisted than this. But twisted in a kind of dark way whether this above seemed to me twisted but in a bright/not too serious type of way.

Here are two other examples of her work:
Balk talk- 2009- And even I don't think this one is that bad. So what if you are glued to your seat and there is a bullhorn sticking to the back of your head? It could get worse. The brows and expression of the figurine is actually positive. Is it hope or surprise?

And what about this one? I thought it looked very gloomy from the small picture I first saw. But when I enlarged the picture, it is not that bad either. It kinds of makes me laugh even. It is a self portrait. Made in 2009. Wow. And I thought I had problems with accepting the way I look. No, actually I don't! But still. I could. And I could feel a lot better all of a sudden.

I forgot to say a few words about the artist. Born in Wahsington in 1940, Warashina, her name comes from a Japan roots inherited from her two parents.  She went to college in Seattle and received her Bachelor 's and later her Master's of Fine Arts degree from the University of Washington in l964. I should not make fun of her strange art as Patti Warashina has received several awards for achievements.
Warashina's teaching career spans over 30 years and includes positions at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville; Eastern Michigan University; Cornish Art Academy in Seattle; and at her alma mater where she has taught for over 25 years. Her work is featured in museum collections in both the U.S. and abroad.

Now that's it for today. This post will have to last 4 days as I am going away and I won't be able to commit to my daily post until I return on monday.
Until then, toodle-oo!

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