Thursday, July 7, 2011

David Jamin

I have discovered yet a new website called Carré d’artistes
The goal of Carré d’artistes® is to bring art within reach of everybody. The Carré d’artistes® galleries permanently exhibit a selection of 250 contemporary artists. It is a chain of Art Galleries that exists in France, Germany, Spain and in the U.K.
I went to France well selected one of their art galleries in France through their website.
I chose Bordeaux. Boy, some of it is really good and by good I mean different, unique. I don't know which one to pick.
I guess I will start from the one that brought my attention.
This painter is called David Jamin. Originally from the South of France, he moved to live to the most northern part of France. You would think most people would die to move to the Sun but not him. Now forty years old, Mr Jamin has been drawing since he was a kid. He started out with charcoal moved to oil revisiting pastel and watercolours. In his biography, it is said that: "All those different techniques are only used in his artwork to serve the strenght of his emotion." Well I wouldn't say that his paintings brings the viewer into a inner turnmoil but I like the elusiveness of his style. His favourite subject: the human being.
I am only showing a few again because to be honest I liked them all. Every person and every work I found seems like a fleeting moment, a fleeting pretty picture of something lost and beautiful passing through the paintings. According to his biography again, he seems rather popular as he has been exhibited for a good number of years now and not only in France but in Belgium, Switzerland and in the UK. I can hear people saying that his style might be a little too commercial. Yes I agree. It is "nice" but all the same it is different and I like that difference.

This reminds of an ad from "Jean Paul Gaultier" Perfumes

This one like an ad from "Chanel" clothes

Nice little doll, uh? I like the cute little red cheeks.

If you want to know more about this Carré d’artistes® website, here is the link:

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