Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have just discovered tonight a new website.
With Short story blog competitions.
The subject is Elemental!
Elemental. My subject!
And the deadline is tonight!
250 words max
So I wrote up something.
Very quickly.

154 words.

Here it is:
The Calling

She walks on the asphalt. Hard, hot, black.
People stares.
Toward the blond sand. Grainy. Soft. Lukewarm. Malleable.
It is better.
She smiles.
Towards the sea. Blue. Fluid. Cool.
People still stares.
She is naked after all.
She enters his realm.
He is lifting her up at long last.
He surrounds her. Caresses her.  Every inch of her body. Then holds her still just for a moment.
A low groan comes from his throat.
Then he pushes her away.
Then pulls her in.
He plays.
She knows.
Come, he begs. Are you with me YET?
She breathes in. Her pores, her eyes, her lungs slowly fill with the fluid.
Her body exults. Her chest begins to expand. The fog in her mind clears.
She explodes outward.
I am now.
My love. 

The Deep once more.


  1. That's one hot piece. ; ) Good job! I hope the competition goes well for you.

  2. what a funny (and the same time...) Oscar Wilde quote up there on the banner ;)

    good luck with the contest!